Little Travelers

If you have talked to me for any length of time, the following subject usually comes up because it’s another one of my constant “going against the grain” soap boxes — MOVIES/TV.  Do y’all agree movies now aren’t like they use to be?? (or that’s what I always think until the other night when Goonies was on and I watched a little bit of it and remembered it was my favorite growing up and now I see it wasn’t that moral either.)

Anyway, the ratings just seem different.  G movies now seem PG.  And PG-13 seems R.  I’ve chalked a lot of it up to my new parent/adult perspective on things, but coupled with the fact that my kids seem really sensitive to scary loud things (wow that describes me)  I try to be careful and conservative.  There are a few sources I go to to find out whether a movie is good for our family or not.  I LOVE this website:

This is another one that’s good (lists appropriate ages for books as well):

I am constantly searching for videos, movies, dvd’s that are content approved, age appropriate and entertaining– tough combo.  We dont watch much TV because, so far, there’s been no need for exposure to unnecessary commercials and, well– all the other stuff….  I am, however, fully aware that this will change over time, as the kids get older, but for now my philosophy has been “you can always open the door wider but you can never close it once it’s open”  or something like that….

I am writing this entire post, mainly to tell to tell you about the following.  My kids were in a wedding a few years ago and after it was over the mother of the bride sent a DVD to us in the mail as a fun surprise for the kids.  I am attaching a link here so you can read about these adorable, educational, captivating, inspiring little movies.  We love them!  All the kids are mesmerised by them.

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