First day of school (two weeks ago)

Well, we are finally to the point I have some time to sit at my computer for an update- not really but I’m carving it out anyway.  Using the word ‘settled’ would be slightly more definitive than I am ready to say but we are getting closer every day … and might I say truly loving it!

These are photos of the kids first day back to school. I’ll start there because I have in my mind to do a lengthy post of the entire process of traveling and moving, which might prove to be therapeutic for me and a bit of simple documentation, since I am pretty sure I have a built-in mechanism that is going to block it out forever just for the sheer preservation of my sanity and the extension of my life expectancy.

4th grader!  Wow- she has her own locker and dresses out for P.E.  I’ve told some of you this, but the other day she asked me if she was a “tween”.  I immediately googled the word to find her an answer and discovered that a “tween” is between the ages of 9-12 so it’s official– we have a tween!  A blurry tween– why cant I focus on the subject? ugh– might be the other three talking and goofing off behind me– who knows.

2nd grader!  If I could stop time she’d never be a tween.

Jr. Kinder.  Nothing to say here except– GOOF BALL- with a fetish for silly bands.

3 yr old – two days a week and melt in your mouth adorableness. Definitely misses his brother when he’s at school.  He’s not sure what to do home alone with me… and truth be told, I’m not sure what to do home alone with him.


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  1. Wayne Barnard

    I love this post. I know you guys have to be exhausted, but I’m so proud of you for taking life one minute at a time and just getting it done. The kids look awesome. Take care of yourselves and keep enjoying this great life. Sure do love you.

    Wayne and the gang!

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