Have you ever…

made a timeline of God’s faithfulness in your life?   On paper.  Can you account for the ways he has come through for you over the years?  He always does.  He says He will. It’s a promise.

Have you ever stepped out in faith and watched God perform a miracle in your life?  He is doing it in mine and I can’t keep quiet about it.

We got an offer on our house!  Had you been a fly on the wall in our home the last couple of months you would know what a testament to God’s faithfulness this is.  With the market the way it is, the size/price of our home, and our timeline, the odds seemed against it.  But not with the Creator of the universe on our side.  Truly, and Big A will confirm this, I said it would go down this way the whole time–the final hours– keepin ya right on the edge of your seat just watchin.   I love that.  The challenge of patience and timing and waiting.  Of course, we had to be prepared for the challenges and lessons that could come if the house didn’t sell…. but not this time.

This time I guess what we were suppose to learn, is that he wants us to break even in the whole deal.  Like a reset button.  Nothing over and nothing under.  Just a wash.  Fine by me.  Big A, that’s another story.  But supposedly I “live in La-La Land when it comes to finances” so we must just deal with things differently.  Basically, we are going to take a big ol’ hit on the house….

Most of you know Big A and I have made the decision to move our family back to Florida.  I haven’t talked about it much because there are so many conflicting opinions swirling out there.  While this decision seemed crazy to most, it seemed perfectly reasonable to us.  I didn’t say financially savvy, clear cut and obvious, or supported by the masses, just reasonable.  It was by far the most difficult decision we have ever had to make (which is probably saying we haven’t been faced with much).  And yet, the reasons to go far out weighed reasons to stay.  I could type for days about all of our thoughts, discussions, reasons, ideas, philosophies and everything else that went into it, but the bottom line is this: we wanted to do what is best for our family.  You can’t put a price on it.  Not a prestigious job, a good or bad housing market, the hassle of moving cross country, the amount of pride you must swallow, fear, disappointment from others,  nothing can stop it.  Doing what is best for our marriage, kids, and family unit trumps it all.   There have been times in the past when I have asked what God wants me to do in this situation or that one. It was about two years ago He blew me away with this:  God is not waiting for us to make a good or bad decision with our lives.  He isn’t saying you chose the wrong thing or the right thing to do.  Where you choose to live and be cannot be right or wrong; a sin or not.  He simply wants you to serve Him with your life every day every way and wherever you are doing that (which can be anywhere) it can’t be wrong.   I needed this revelation from Him.  It has changed the way I make decisions completely.

Also, I have heard many things over the years, about how to make a decision, that have been helpful.  Taken individually each method could be selfish or misunderstood.  Added together and used in combination these suggestions have been helpful:  No decision you make is that final or that big.  You can always change if you need to.  If your decision did not effect anyone else, no one else cared, no one would be mad or hurt what would you decide then?  How will you feel in 5, 10, 20 years?  Ooooo those are all good right?  Just little thought provoking questions….

More tangible reasons to move:

God opened a door in Florida — twice.  We listened the 2nd time. Revelation 3:8 says: “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”

Big A works too much and commutes too far.  Anywhere we live in town would present a similar situation.  His work became all-consuming of his time and thoughts.  No time for anything else during the week– except sleep.  We hope our decision sends a primary message to our kids, that they are more important to us than a job or money or inconvenience– however simple that may sound– the older girls get that.

We want to live in a smaller and slower-paced town where activities, friends, and  life are easier to get to.

Spending time with our kids is really important right now, and living there will give us more opportunity to do so.

Nothing can replace the time we have had to spend with friends and family here.  We have been able to reconnect with, visit, and host friends and family.  We have learned so much about ourselves and had lots of wonderful experiences that have made us who we are.  We wouldn’t change one thing.  This is how it all had to be.  I am grateful for all of it.

God opened a door for us. And since we’ve decided to go through it, yes scared and uncertain, He has “slicked the streets”.  Each phone call, each set of paper work, each hoop to be jumped through, He has had a hand in.  This is not to say that if we face an obstacle the opportunity is not of God.  I am just testifying to what he has done so far…. and I pray that He keeps us ever-challenged, never complacent and open to his plan, however uncomfortable it may be– it’s always exciting.  Big A has already said not to even look at him or talk to him about moving for 15 years.  I guess my dream of being medical missionaries in Africa is going to have to wait a little longer.  I’m patient– NOT.



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4 responses to “Have you ever…

  1. Veronica

    I’m so happy for you guys! I want you to know I am rejoicing with you! I’ve turned up the prayers for you lately and by answering, God has reminded me of the power of prayer! (not to make your joy about me but just to remind us of how amazing and multi- tasking our God is!) As I read your blog this morning, I did a “yes, thank
    you, lord. How awesome!” followed by a “waaa!! Now what am I going to do when he is really, for sure, taking my other brain to Florida!” I’ll miss you but am so happy for you!

  2. (I saw your blog link on FB… we went to CCC together in FL….)

    Your post this morning really caught my attention because we just went through/are going through a very similar situation. We actually just left FL almost 2 months ago for a move to OH. For us, it was also not a financially savvy move or one that makes a ton of sense from a worldly lens. We didn’t even break even on our house (BUT God sold it!! In 3 weeks!!! And He provided the funds we needed in order to close!!). We left the church family who had become real family to us. But Matt was not seeing our son during the week. He was at work before Asa woke and back home after Asa was in bed, and with no glimmer of hope that would change. We are (hopefully) just beginning to add to our family. It was not a situation that would be healthy long-term (much less for the 11 months of Asa’s life to that point). Then God opened a door. Wiiiiiiide open. A job in a part of the industry Matt has always been interested in. One that will make him a very well-rounded engineer. One that will let him be present for his family.

    We moved to a place where we know 2 people. I am so, very out of my comfort zone. 🙂 But the ways God showed up, even when I’m aching with all that I amfor my home in FL and my friends in FL, are undeniable. HE provided. Not in ways we anticipated at all. But His provision, even when He has provided in difficult ways, has been perfect nonetheless. I hope you experience the same as you continue pressing forward!

  3. Yay Ashley! I am so glad your home sold!!

    May God bless you on your next venture and may you witness the sweet rewards of making difficult decisions that benefit your wonderful family.

    I will truly miss seeing you.

    love, shelly

  4. karen

    congrats on the house!! God is good.

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