Beaver Creek, CO

We are back from our family vacation to Beaver Creek, CO.  It seems like every time we venture out and try a new place we end up loving it even more than the place before.  Maybe that’s because I haven’t been alot of places but for a while I thought we’d never find a better place than Disney (dont get me wrong I am the biggest Disney nerd there is and it is fantastic for young families-old families too) but then we tried the Destin Beach area and fell in love with that too.

(Adam and I had been to Beaver Creek, but it was before kids so a whole new perspective this time around.) Come to think of it, this is our first real family vacation that included a plane trip, hotel and just the six of us.  We wanted to wait until the youngest was 3 to attempt a mountain vacay.  With no pack-n-play, diapers, or strollers anything is possible right?

If you can get to Beaver Creek in the summer with kids you’ve just gotta do it!   It is the most amazing place.  I tried to breathe deep the creativity of our God the entire time and that was overwhelming enough.  But on top of that it’s SO kid friendly.  Around every corner is another fountain, park, trail, or interesting outdoor activity.  I am going to try to highlite some the best parts, but truly the whole experience rocked!!

Hiking– so incredible!  Promise the one in the popsicle shirt thought so too.  This was called the 5 senses trail– each stop had a sign that told you what sense to look for-really fun.

Discovery Loop

Bungee Trampoline– they wanted to do this everyday.

White water raft trip down the Colorado River

Bocce Ball Court.  Guess whose chillin on the couches?

Ice skating in the village at night.  We did bathe every day, even tho this makes it look like we didn’t.

Playground at our hotel

No we did not go snow mobiling– saving that for a couple more years, but dont think the boys didn’t beg.

Horseback Riding to Beano’s Cabin for dinner

Beano’s Cabin



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2 responses to “Beaver Creek, CO

  1. karen

    looks like so much fun!! glad y’all made it back in one piece.

  2. renee

    We love BC as well-but it’s our Winter trip. We are heading back in January! We did the sled ride up to Beanos. Our summer trip this year was to Lake Tahoe-Incline Village. It was our first actually get out and do stuff trip-bungee trampoline, river raft, Squaw Valley-cable car,etc… (check it out). Hope the move goes well and see you soon.

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