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Done It

First of all you must know, I have made fun of people who blog. I admit it right up front. This is in typical fashion for me.  I deemed myself a “word eater” a long time ago.  In fact if you know me at all you might have heard me say my epitaph is going to read “WORD EATER”.  I can site many examples of this in my past- never am I going to have a son- done it. I don’t believe in plastic surgery- boy do i now!  I wont quit breastfeeding for a year-done it. I wont drive a mini-van– done it and loved it.  Ok there’s tons more but you’ll hear more about that as time goes on.  For now, just know that I’ve decided to start a blog even though i’ve said they are a big ol’ waste of time.  There are two reasons I am starting this blog.  One, we are moving to Florida and this is the perfect way for my mom and dad to know what we are up to.  Two, chronicaling (is that a word?) my kids’ childhood by way of virtual scrapbook may be the only way they will know what they did growing up.  Lord knows they barely ever do anything….



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